Unlike an invasive surgical procedure, EECP® is painless and only takes one hour per day. We will work with you to schedule appointments that fit with your schedule. Our offices are similar to a day spa. You will have your own flat screen television and streaming technology to watch your favorite movies or TV shows. We even remember where you were in the movie at the end of your treatment so you can pick up next day without missing a beat.

To keep the process hassle free we will work with your physician to complete all of the necessary paperwork. We also handle all of the Medicare and insurance paperwork for you. Medicare, Medicaid and all private carriers support the use of EECP®.

The Legacy Process

On your first visit we will guide you through a short interview and schedule your subsequent appointments. In total the treatment process requires one hour per day, five days a week for seven weeks. learn more »

EECP® Explained

When patients have angina, their bodies are telling them that their heart is not receiving enough oxygen. A treatment, in harmony with patients' heart, can improve circulation to the heart muscle. learn more »