We're Back

The last month hasn’t been easy. We’ve missed you (a lot), and we hope you’ve missed us (at least a little!). As an Essential Service in the healthcare community, we take our responsibilities very seriously, and we’re excited (ok, thrilled!) to announce that we’re reopening our clinics and getting ready to treat patients again, using the guidance provided by the appropriate government entities and the CDC.

We know the world has changed (and so have we!), and we want you to know what we’re doing to help keep you safe, and what to expect when you come back for therapy

Screening & Distancing

  • We’re opening in phases, treating a limited number of patients at first

  • In the clinic, we’re maximizing social distancing during therapy

  • Every person who enters the clinic will be screened using CDC criteria

Cleaning & PPE

  • We’re cleaning and sanitizing on a per-use and time-based schedule

  • Every person in the clinic will wear masks – we’ll provide them for you

  • Our team will wear face shields as they set you up for therapy

Changes to Therapy

  • We’re implementing remote check-in please call us when you arrive

  • No dressing room needed – just wear your treatment pants on the way

  • We’ll discuss resetting your treatment count to maximize clinical benefit

Other Considerations

  • We’ll ensure that no patients have any increase in out-of-pocket costs

  • You won’t need to wait while we resolve issues with insurers

  • Our full set of reopening policies & procedures are available – just ask!