Our Purpose

“Significantly affect every life we touch in a meaningful and positive way”

Core Values

Create Extraordinary Through Service

Creating extraordinary experiences means aligning our passions with our capabilities to provide uncommon service. It is delivering on our promises so far beyond what is expected, that those we serve cannot help but smile. We do this by recognizing the big opportunities to excite, even in the smallest acts of service. Because what seems extraordinary today becomes commonplace tomorrow, we must be relentless in our pursuit of uncompromised customer service.

Feel Passion

Passion is the most contagious human emotion. It is also the critical ingredient to our "secret sauce." Passion ensures our connection with the organization's purpose, which is evident in the emotion, excitement, and engagement we display. Our passion inspires those around us and creates a dynamic, fun environment. Passion fuels us. Passion empowers us. Passion drives us to a higher standard.

Be Present

Being Present is a commitment to the Now. While we learn from the past and plan for the future, being Present requires us to appreciate the immediacy of this moment. We harness our attention and focus on the opportunity before us. When we engage, we engage fully. We are attentive to the needs of our patients, our peers, and our projects. Our focus demonstrates that we value Now; our minds are where our body stands.

The Learner Mindset

Our beliefs determine our attitude toward the learning gap-the difference between what you aspire to do and your abilities. As Learners, we understand that knowledge is fluid and can significantly increase through effort and practice. Thus, we are open-minded toward new ideas and actively seek feedback and perspectives that differ from our own. We choose not to be preoccupied in preserving the appearance of competency. Rather, we embrace experiences and even setbacks as a part of our accelerated learning curve fueled by an intrinsic curiosity.

Inject Your Personality

Be unique. Be authentic. Be you! Injecting individuality into our work creates an exciting, positive environment. Celebrating our diversity adds interest, unleashes ideas, and gives each of us the confidence to share our core strengths. The genuine expression of personality enables deep personal connections and ensures that we treat people, not just patients.

Drive Change at Every Level

The roots of our organization will always be that of a start-up. This requires each of us to not only feel comfortable with change, but also to create change. It is this commitment to making things better (great!) that this is the foundation of the exceptional. As a group, we see limitless possibilities, and we feel empowered to seek opportunity around every corner. We look to revolutionize on every level, recognizing that, as an organization, we will either progress or regress. We choose to progress.

Embrace Sustainability

Our team's fundamental purpose is to improve the lives of the patients we touch and, ultimately, the communities we serve. Our ability to sustain this impact is derived from 'how' we approach work. It requires us to connect principles and behaviors that allow for repeatability and ongoing performance. It starts with a commitment to the team and being accountable to our own position. Sustainability requires operational excellence. Each of us must understand our role and recognize our reliance on each other. We see the big picture and know that optimal performance is achieved only through working together, like a fine-tuned symphony. We will not only work harder, we will also work smarter.